• Image of Captain Mantell - Bliss (vinyl)

Bliss is the title of the fifth album by Captain Mantell,
trio leaded by Tommaso Mantelli, homonymn of
Captain Thomas Mantell (first pilot died chasing an UFO).
A work inspired by the roots of rock with a definitely new sound for the band.The compositive matrix remains pop and yet capable of original solutions.The range extends to wider horizons also thanks to the introduction of saxophone
that evokes new suggestions.
More than ever in Bliss, the band’s comfort in composition wanders
as a freaked out time machine through the history of rock
jumping from King Crimson to Jack White, from the Beatles to Nirvana,
from John Zorn to Jeff Buckley Powerful rhythmics by Admiral Dix, Sergeant Zags’s experimental saxophone
and guitar riffs from the golden age create a perfect sound foundation
for Captain Mantell’s voice, expressive and effective both in ballad and rock songs.Gloomy and disenchanted the lyrics are poetically
spoiled by a vein of hope in the pursuit of bliss.
Bliss as an alienation from modern life style
is symbolically represented through the spontaneity
getting over the strict rules of electronic synth
which controlled the sound of the crew so far.